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Kiss Goodnight

At the end of the day when the world weighs heavy on my shoulders, I am glad to find comfort on my cloud of pillows and blankets.  As I lay there in my heavenly retreat, I feel you lean over and kiss me goodnight.  

This time you kissed me quickly as if it were obligatory.  It was as though you were telling me you forgive me a little.  

Last night you didn’t kiss me at all.  I could feel you fuming from across the bed.  It was like you sent flames to torture me.  Depriving me of that kiss was true torture.

Remember when you kissed me sweetly and softly?  It was a kiss that suited my sacred space on that bed.  That was before.  Before I hurt you with my words and my deeds.  Before I abandoned the sanctity of our marriage.  I didn’t abandon it, I only took brief leave.  I’m back now and I left things in disrepair.  I will use all my tape and glue to fix this cloud.  I will wait for your kiss.  

Tomorrow you will kiss me.

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